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Iluka has identified issues in relation to leave entitlements impacting certain current and former employees in Australia. We are sorry these errors have occurred; this is not the standard we expect at Iluka and we will fix this.

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The review found errors in the calculation of leave entitlements. The main errors were:  

  • Leave was incorrectly deducted from paid leave balances when rostered employees took time off work on a public holiday  
  • Salary was incorrectly deducted when rostered employees took time off work on a public holiday (where the day was incorrectly treated as unpaid leave) 
  • The payroll system was accruing and calculating annual leave and long service leave in a way that did not, in all circumstances, correctly account for all rostered hours and adjust when rosters changed. This especially impacted employees who moved between shift and non-shift work or between part-time and full-time work 
  • Leave was not accrued during periods of paid parental leave 

We have self-reported these issues to Australia’s Fair Work Ombudsman and engaged a global assurance firm to complete a review of annual leave and long service leave entitlements.

We have reviewed leave deducted on public holidays:

  • From 1 January 2006 for long service leave; and
  • From 1 January 2010 for other relevant leave (including annual leave and personal leave)

A small group of current employees is entitled to a back-payment. This is because their salary was deducted when they took unpaid leave on a public holiday.

We have otherwise recalculated annual leave accruals and long service leave entitlements from all records held in SAP payroll.

We will correct the leave balances of current employees in our systems between 17 June and 30 June 2024. Iluka will also notify former employees. We are taking a staged approach with current employees being contacted first. The secure employee portal will remain live for a reasonable period for former employees to complete the process to receive their entitlements. 

A dedicated hotline and portal are available for further support:

  • Dedicated hotline – 1800 959 414 available Monday to Friday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm (AWST)
  • Dedicated Secure Employee Portal, where you can register your details and submit a query.

View the General FAQs and How to Navigate the Secure Employee Portal Guide.