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Our history

Iluka Resources Ltd was formed through the merger of RGC Ltd and Westralian Sands Ltd in 1998, with the name Iluka adopted in 1999.

The company’s historical operations have been centred in the south west of Western Australia, with mining at Yoganup and Capel, as well as other deposits. In the mid west of Western Australia, the Eneabba operation has been a major contributor to both Iluka and the global supply of mineral sands products.

The company has mining activities in South Australia at the Jacinth-Ambrosia zircon deposit and has previously operated several mining and processing assets in Victoria. Mining and processing operations in the United States have been undertaken in Florida, Georgia and Virginia (since completed). 

Iluka has a 20% stake in Deterra Royalties Ltd, established from a demerger with Iluka in 2020. The cornerstone asset for Deterra is BHP Billiton’s Mining Area C in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. This royalty emanates from Consolidated Gold Fields Australia’s involvement in the Mount Goldsworthy Mining Associated Joint Venture. 

Iluka's Managing Director, Tom O’Leary, was appointed in 2016. 

Iluka and its antecedent companies have more than 70 years' experience in the mineral sands industry.