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Zircon products

The zircon product range includes different qualities of zircon as well as zircon specifications to target specific intermediate and end market sectors. This is consistent with Iluka’s approach to utilise its well-developed logistics and distribution capability to efficiently deliver 'fit for purpose' products to a wide range of customers around the world.

The main categories of zircon products are:

  • Premium – typically used for ceramics manufacturing (for example tiles, sanitary wear) but also for high-tolerance casting/foundry applications and additive manufacturing.
  • Universal and standard grade products – used for a range of applications, including digital printing, lower quality ceramics, zirconium chemicals, casting, foundry and other uses.
  • Zircon-in-concentrate – this typically residual non-magnetic material accumulated over time from Iluka operations that has been difficult or uneconomic to fully recover. Iluka monetises this product by selling directly to processors that market the product or by having the material toll-treated through off-shore facilities and then Iluka selling the product.

View safety data sheets for our products here