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Iluka Resources Limited will soon commence work on the South Capel Remediation Project (SCRP), located in Capel, Western Australia.
The works involve moving mineral sands residue material from old storage dams at the company’s Capel dry plant and South Capel sites to a purpose-built facility at South Capel. 


Phone: 1800 339 997
Email: [email protected].

Community documents

South Capel Remediation Project Information Sheet

Environmental assessment and approval documents

2018-8250 SCRP Revegetation MP
2018 8250 SCRP Preliminary Documentation Public Comment
2018 8250 SCRP EPBC Referral Attachment 1
2018-8250 SCRP EPBC Referral with Figures
2018-8250 SCRP Fauna Survey CDP
2018-8250 SCRP Fauna Survey SC
2018-8250 SCRP Flora and Vegetation Survey CDP
2018-8250 SCRP Flora and Vegetation Survey SC

Victorian EES Process

Victorian Projects referred for decision on requirement for environmental assessment - View here
For more information about the Victorian ESS process click here 

Commonwealth EPBC Process

EPBC referrals list - View here
EPBC Invitation to public comment - View hereContact details

Information line 

1800 201 113

Community Documents

Wimmera Project Update December 2019
Wimmera Project Update July 2019
Wimmera Project Update February 2019 
(Formerly Fine Minerals Project) 
Wimmera Project Newsletter November 2018 (Formerly Murray Basin Newsletter)
Wimmera Project Newsletter May 2018 (Formerly Murray Basin Newsletter)