Social performance

Our approach to social performance is based on understanding and minimising the potential impacts of our activities on communities and managing social risks to the business. We seek to respect human rights, engage meaningfully with stakeholders and make a positive difference to the social and economic development of the areas in which we operate.

Social performance is a critical component of the sustainability of Iluka’s activities across our entire business lifecycle. It is governed by the company’s HSEC management system. This includes the Group level Social Performance Standard and related procedures. These contain the following requirements:
  • the robust identification, management and monitoring of social impacts and risks;
  • meaningful engagement with stakeholders;
  • responsive management of grievances;
  • the sharing of benefits; and
  • where applicable, additional requirements pertaining to aspects such as human rights, local employment and procurement, cultural heritage management, resettlement and social monitoring.

Stakeholder engagement
Grievance management
Human Rights
Indigenous relations and cultural heritage
Partnering and community investment
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