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Iluka undertakes research projects to support rehabilitation, biodiversity and other environmental planning activities. We support scientific enquiry through partnerships with research institutions such as the CSIRO and research Universities.

Iluka has a strong history of supporting ecological research at Jacinth-Ambrosia in South Australia, through its partnership with the University of Adelaide. The research programs and partnerships complement the onsite rehabilitation activities and contribute to the broader understanding of revegetation in saline and arid environments.

Iluka supports research by the Botanic Gardens & Parks Authority (Kings Park Science Directorate) into the ecology and restoration of vegetation post-mining in Western Australia.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University in Blacksburg, Virginia, and Iluka have collaborated for over 25 years to measure rehabilitation outcomes by comparing post-mining crop yields with crop yields in adjacent undisturbed farmlands and average crop yields in the surrounding region. 

A new five-year partnership has been formed with the Harry Butler Institute at Murdoch University which involves sponsorship of the Iluka Chair in Vegetation Science and Biogeography for a five-year term.

Iluka maintains links with researchers and PhD students at UWA’s School of Biological Sciences on projects that began under the Iluka Chair and an Australian Research Council Linkage Project. This has lead to the publishing of peer-reviewed scientific research articles, two of which were co-authored by Iluka’s Principal Rehabilitation Scientist, Mark Dobrowolski.