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In areas with high biodiversity value, Iluka's approach to operations, rehabilitation and future projects is to protect and enhance the biodiversity and to prevent or limit adverse impacts.

Biodiversity management occurs in the planning, operational and rehabilitation phases. A hierarchy of controls is created to meet the specific potential impacts. During each phase  practical and measureable biodiversity outcomes are achieved in protecting and enhancing biodiversity at Iluka's sites.

A major focus


Land management and rehabilitation are a major focus for Iluka making up a significant part of our day-to-day activities. Iluka has an established record of being a leader in land rehabilitation over several decades.  Our rehabilitation activities are socially and environmentally responsible.

The individual environmental requirements of each site are considered and site specific procedures and work instructions are developed in compliance with Iluka’s management system.
Iluka manages a diverse range of land uses including native vegetation across a range of climate zones and agricultural sites.
Mine closure planning begins before mining starts. Where practical rehabilitation occurs during operations as mining activity moves through an area.

Rehabilitation objectives are determined with landowners, regulators and experts. Plans are developed for reconstruction of soil profiles, landforms and re-establishment of agreed vegetation. In most cases, Iluka rehabilitates areas to be suitable for uses similar to those prior to mining.