2022 Case Studies and Insights

Cataby joint Carnaby’s Cockatoo research project
Achieving relinquishment of environmental obligations of Iluka’s Wagerup mineral sands mine
Golden Gecko Awards Winner – Sowing a diverse ecosystem with Flora Restorer
Restoring ecological value of a former mine site at Iluka’s Capel wetlands

2021 Case Studies and Insights

Iluka’s North Capel Operations team joined by Clontarf Foundation’s Collie students
Plan International Youth Social and Economic Empowerment project
SRL support to Ruby Rose Educational Resource Centre
Financial Management training for 900 community members
SRL pilot livestock project at Semabu Village
Joint program support on agriculture
South Capel Remediation Project
Cataby joint Carnaby’s Cockatoo research project
Iluka a constituent of the DJSI for 5th year
MW Business Excellence Awards
MWCCI Business Excellence Awards
Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers Awards
Jacinth-Ambrosia's hybrid power solution
Iluka FTSE4Good Index rating increased
SRL wins Duty of Care Award
Bronze Medal rating for sustainability performance
SRL support to JADA Technical Institute
Golden Gecko Awards finalist

2020 Case Studies and Insights

Iluka named in the 2020 Dow Jones Sustainability Index
Recycle and repurpose equipment
Iluka receives 'A' rating by MSCI
Medical supplies donated to Sierra Leone Health Centres
Developing a positive mental health culture
Shining the spotlight on Mental Health at Jacinth Ambrosia Mine
Developing our leaders in uncertain times