Our sustainability approach spans six pillars:

Health and Safety

We strive to protect the health and safety of our people through identifying risk and taking appropriate action to eliminate workplace fatalities and minimise injuries and illnesses.

Our People

We seek to attract and retain the best people while building and maintaining a diverse, inclusive and high-achieving workforce. 

Our Communities

We respect human rights, engage meaningfully with stakeholders and look to make a positive difference to the communities where we operate whilst minimising and managing potential impacts. 

Environment Stewardship

We seek to manage our impact on the environment, use resources efficiently and leave positive rehabilitation and closure outcomes.

Governance and Integrity

We conduct our business by adhering to the highest standards of corporate governance whilst acting with integrity by being transparent and honouring our commitments. 

Value Creation

We aim to create sustainable economic outcomes, which allow us to share economic benefits with our host communities and deliver sustainable value.

Economic Responsibility

Iluka's business activities create direct and indirect economic benefits to countries and communities in which we operate, including: 
  • employment opportunities; 
  • investment in community infrastructure and services; 
  • taxes, royalties and other payments to government;
  • payments to landowners and community groups (i.e. statutory development funds, surface rent payments);
  • local procurement supporting community businesses; and
  • community support through sponsorships and partnerships.
A summary of the economic value generated and distributed from activities is provided in our annual Sustainability Report.

We support the transparent disclosure of our taxes, royalties and fees to government and recognise this forms part of our economic contribution to the regions in which we operate. Our taxes paid constitute a significant part of our economic contribution to the main countries in which we operate. Iluka’s payments to government for taxes and royalties is provided separately in our annual Tax Transparency Report. 
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