What is the Demerger?

The Demerger is the separation of Iluka’s MAC Royalty business to create an independent ASX-listed royalty company, with the name Deterra Royalties.

On Demerger (post successful vote), eligible Iluka Shareholders will receive one Deterra Royalties share for each Iluka share held. Shareholders will also retain their Iluka shareholding.

A Demerger resolution was put to Iluka shareholders at a General Meeting held 16 October 2020 and passed with 99.92% of votes in favour of the resolution.

Why demerge the royalty business?
Why was the option to amend Iluka’s dividend policy or sell the royalty stream not pursued?
How does the Demerger work and what is the impact on my shareholding in Iluka?
Why has the decision been made now to demerge the royalty business?
What is the likely increase from the South Flank expansion?
Will Deterra Royalties have to make a contribution to the capital cost of South Flank or future developments?
What is the timing of the Demerger and when can we get more information on the Deterra Royalties business, strategy, and capital structure?
Will there be any costs associated with the Demerger?
What is the proposed corporate structure of Deterra Royalties?
What is the MAC Royalty?
What will Iluka look like post the Demerger?
Why is Iluka retaining a shareholding in Deterra Royalties?
Is there a number I can call for further information?
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