Iluka seeks to attract and retain the best people while building and maintaining a diverse, sustainable and high achieving workforce.

Iluka retains approximately 900 direct employees plus a similar number of contractors.  The company encourages employee achievement through the principles of accountability, commerciality and engagement and strives to maintain a work culture that reflects its values of commitment, integrity and responsibility. This includes a high standard of health and safety behaviour and the development of individuals, leaders and teams to achieve extraordinary performance.

Iluka’s People Management System, inclusive of the Iluka People Policy, establishes the company’s approach to recruiting, developing and retaining a high performing workforce to achieve Iluka’s objectives. Within this structure, Iluka maintains fair work procedures, including procedures that encompass equal employment opportunity plus discrimination, harassment and bullying.

The Iluka Game Plan provides cultural and behavioural alignment and all employees, through their annual performance and development review, are aware of their expected contribution in the areas of financial performance, sustainability and organisational growth.

Development and talent management

Iluka considers employee development to be important and, as such, invests in skill development and building employees’ capabilities for growth and leadership competency and capacity. The individual development of employees, improving team effectiveness and increasing the flexibility of the business to respond to changing conditions, are critical to an engaged and high achieving performance culture and Iluka’s objective and values.

Specific programmes include:

  • apprenticeships and traineeships
  • vacation students and graduates
  • technical and professional development; and
  • management and leadership development.

Employee performance programmes include a planning component with career progression and development being the focus of reviews. Training and professional development is mapped accordingly for each individual. In addition, internal mechanisms are adopted to identify high performing individuals and to facilitate succession planning across all company levels. Succession planning is in place for leadership positions, including the managing director and that position's direct reports.

Employee engagement

Employee engagement surveys are conducted biennially and measure employee perceptions relating to the company's alignment to its Game Plan (with particular focus on sustainability, employee achievement, diversity, and leadership elements), plus job and employer engagement. ​An employee engagement survey conducted in 2014 achieved a response rate of 85 per cent.  The overall employee engagement level of  69 per cent was above industry, with job engagement at 73 per cent and employer engagement at 80 per cent. The results are recognised as industry leading when benchmarked against Australian organisations within mining and quarrying organisations of a similar size. Iluka also performed above the overall average benchmark in all survey categories.

Employee volunteering

Iluka’s Volunteer Leave Programme, introduced in 2012, supports and encourages employees to volunteer their time to community groups. Each employee is allocated two paid working days to make a positive contribution to an organisation that has direct meaning to them. In 2015, the participation in volunteer leave was 28 per cent, with a total of 283 FTE days recorded.

Career opportunities at Iluka

Iluka employs people in a wide range of roles including operators, tradespeople, engineers, geologists and various other management and professional roles. 

Iluka’s Careers page is for job seekers only. Iluka will not accept unsolicited applications from recruitment agencies. Iluka accepts no responsibility if positions referenced are no longer valid.

Further Information