The Eneabba operation involves the extraction, processing and sale of a historical monazite-rich mineral stockpile that is currently stored in a former mining void at Eneabba, Western Australia.

Iluka is approaching Eneabba’s development incrementally with a view to maximise value and take a measured approach to risk.

Phase 1 -  Operational

Phase 1 involves simple reclaim and screening of material stored in the former mining void at Eneabba. The operation produces a 20% monazite-zircon concentrate. Sales commenced in Q3 2020.

Phase 1 provides Iluka with a low risk, low cost, high return entry into the rare earths market.

Phase 2 - Execute

Phase 2 of the Eneabba operation will further process the reclaimed material to separate the monazite and zircon streams, producing a 90% monazite concentrate and zircon products.

The project has Board approval and is in execute phase.

The upgraded monazite concentrate is a higher value product, and suitable as a direct feedstock for a rare earths refinery.

Further development

Iluka is actively exploring options for further downstream processing involving the development of the Eneabba and Wimmera deposits.

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