Sierra Rutile, a subsidiary of Iluka Resources, is a multi-mine operation located in the Bonthe and Moyamba districts, south west Sierra Leone. Sierra Rutile has the world’s largest natural rutile deposit and encompasses two operations at Lanti and Gangama; a mineral separation plant; and a dedicated port facility. Sierra Rutile's main product stream is natural rutile and the operation also produces smaller quantities of ilmenite and zircon (in concentrate).

Sierra Rutile is one of Sierra Leone’s oldest and most prominent companies. It employs more than 2,700 people and its workforce is over 98% Sierra Leonean. As a major employer, the operation has a commitment to local content and procurement. The company occupies an important role in Sierra Leone’s national economy and the local economies of Bonthe and Moyamba in particular.

Following Iluka’s acquisition of Sierra Rutile in December 2016, Iluka group-level sustainability frameworks have been implemented with a focus on safety, environmental management and anti‑bribery and corruption. The operation emphasises land rehabilitation as an essential part of its operating model; and has adopted a ‘back to basics’ approach to safety, including personal accountability, understanding risks, incident and hazard reporting and the wearing of appropriate personal protective equipment. 

Sierra Rutile has an established operating history over more than 50 years and further mine life of at least 20 years, dependent on future development options. The Lanti Dry expansion and the Gangama expansion increased the capacity of each mine from 500-600 tonnes per hour of ore to 1,000-1,200 tonnes per hour.

In addition, Sembehun is one of the largest and highest quality known rutile deposits in the world. Iluka is committed to determining a development approach in a disciplined and rigorous manner which ensures optimum value can be created from Sembehun.

For the latest updates on expanision project progress, please refer to our latest quarterly results.

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