Sierra Rutile is multi-mine operation with production expansion in the south west of Sierra Leone.
The primary commodity mined is rutile, a titanium feedstock. It has a projected mine life well in excess of 20 years and is one of the largest rutile deposits in the world.

Sierra Rutile, a wholly owned subsidiary of Iluka, has one of the largest rutile deposits in the world. It has an established operating history spanning 50 years and a project mine life of mine life well in excess of 20 years. Sierra Rutile also produces smaller quantities of Ilmenite and zircon in concentrate.

Operational Overview


Moyamba and Bonthe districts, Sierra Leone  


Lanti dredge mine
Lanti dry mine
Gangama dry mine
Sembehun dry mine


Floating concentrator
Dry mining fleet
Dry mining concentrator plant
Mineral separation plant
Port and shipping fleet


Rutile, titanium dioxide minerals


Mining and Concentrating

Dredge Mining

The Lanti Dredge is a floating electric bucket line dredge capable of mining 1,000 tonnes of ore per hour equating to approximately 7.2 million tonnes of ore annually.

The dredge is linked to a wet concentrator plant. Scrubbing and screening of the ore takes place on the dredge and de-sliming is completed in the concentrator plant. This process produces a sand fraction which then goes through a 3-stage upgrading process to produce a mineral concentrate containing about 70% heavy minerals.

Front-end loaders and 30-tonne dump trucks are then used to move the heavy mineral concentrate from the dredge to the feed preparation plant.

Dry Mining

The dry mining fleet uses conventional earth moving equipment capable of mining 500 tonnes of ore per hour equating to approximately 3.6 million tonnes of ore annually. Dry mining activities excavate in Gbeni (Lanti Dry) and Ganagama deposits. The minerals feed a concentrator, located adjacent to the Lanti and Gbeni deposits, which produces a heavy mineral concentrate for further processing.


Mineral concentrate from Lanti Dredge, Lanti Dry and Gangama are processed in the company’s mineral separation plant, which includes a feed preparation plant and dry plant. The mineral separation plant has a capacity of 200 thousand tonnes of rutile per annum.


Products from the mineral separation plant are transported by truck to Sierra Rutile’s port which is capable of loading over 500,000 tonnes per annum.

Further information

Iluka completed the acquisition of Sierra Rutile Limited by means of a merger on 7 December 2016. Further information on the merger can be found here