Iluka’s Game Plan is the foundation of the business and seeks to define and influence the company’s culture.  It is designed to ensure that Iluka fulfils its objectives with key stakeholders and operates in an ethical and responsible manner.

Iluka’s objective is to create and deliver value for shareholders supported by values centred on Commitment, Integrity and Responsibility.

Iluka’s focus is on Shareholder Return, Employee Achievement and Customer Value.

Iluka Game Plan

Drive shareholder return through Profitability, Sustainability and Growth

Enable employee achievement through Accountability, Commerciality and Engagement

Deliver customer value through Benefit, Cost and Price

Iluka Game Plan

Focus on shareholder value creation & delivery, reflected in Profitability,
Sustainability & Growth (PSG)

ico_PSGPSG is translated into specific performance accountability goals for all employees. In the case of senior management it forms the key component of short and long term incentive arrangements. These in turn, are linked to shareholder value outcomes and a remuneration arrangement which has a significant component in deferred equity.

Accountability, Commerciality and Engagement (ACE)

ico_ACEACE is reflected in a requirement for all employees to demonstrate a requisite level of business knowledge and commercial skills, an obligation for professional and personal accountability in all that they do and a requirement to deliver on what they say they will. The ACE commitment is backed up by extensive internal training and professional development courses.

Benefit Cost Price (BCP)

ico_BCPBCP is Iluka’s market and customer-focussed set of values. Iluka recognises its role to provide quality products that meet customer expectations; to invest in high grade, long life reserves realising economies of scale; minimise the cost of doing business to benefit both parties; and to show leadership in the market place to provide direction to customers.