We seek to engage early in open, inclusive and meaningful communication and incorporate stakeholder views into our decision-making processes.

Iluka recognises that the success of our business is linked to our relationships with our neighbours and stakeholders.
Relevant stakeholders and their interests are identified, analysed and mapped to inform impact and risk assessments and social management plans. All sites and projects are required to establish a process to ensure affected stakeholders receive relevant up-to-date information, are provided with opportunities to express their views on decisions that may affect them, and that these views are considered in decision-making processes.

We strive to build strong relationships with stakeholders and effectively manage the impact of our business activities on communities, however we recognise that complaints will occur from time to time. In 2018 a significant effort was placed on implementing Iluka’s new grievance management procedure which was released in late 2017. The grievance procedure was developed in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
During 2018, we delivered grievance training and worked with sites to ensure each site had an appropriate grievance mechanism in place that was actively shared with the community. 69 complaints were received and investigated in 2018, an increase from 39 in 2017. Implementation of improved local grievance processes, coupled with efforts to raise awareness with local communities in 2018, may account for some of the increase in complaints received.

Stakeholders should feel comfortable about contacting us to report any issues or concerns, and all complaints are taken seriously and investigated
Social Incidents
Iluka has historically required all health, safety and environment incidents be recorded. From 1 January 2018 social incidents have also be recorded.
Social incidents are either:
  • unplanned or unwanted events which involve the local community, or other external stakeholders, and have the potential to affect the security, safety and/or reputation of Iluka employees, contractors, site visitors and/or assets; or
  • unplanned or unwanted events associated with Iluka sites, projects or personnel that affect communities or community members;
  • a community complaint/grievance; or
  • a breach of Iluka’s social obligations.
Iluka uses an event management system to record social incidents, which are then classified according to the severity of the incident. Level 1 incidents have no or minimal impact, while and Level 5 incidents have the greatest potential impact. All Level 3 and above incidents are reported to the Board. All Level 3 and above incidents are reported to the Board. For 2018, 132 social incidents were recorded for the Group, with 14 of those being Level 3 and above.
Social Performance Data
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