Iluka recognises our employees’ rights to collectively bargain. 

In each operational region in Australia, collective agreement conditions are renewed approximately every four years through bargaining with the employees’ representatives.  The majority of Sierra Rutile employees are covered by a collective bargaining agreement negotiated with all mining companies in Sierra Leone and the United Mineworkers’ Union every three years.
We are committed to having an engaged and collaborative relationship with our employees. Iluka respects our employees’ rights to freedom of association, including the right of each individual to join a union.  Iluka does not inquire into employees’ union membership and does not keep union membership statistics.  During collective bargaining some employees choose to be represented by unions, or they can nominate a representative from their own workforce. 
Iluka has a pay-for-performance remuneration structure which rewards employees competitively for their expertise and contribution.  We observe minimum conditions of employment under local laws, but remuneration is paid according to market which for most employees is well above minimum entitlements. All employees have the opportunity for additional reward based on individual and company performance. 
Where Iluka is making significant operational changes, we provide timely disclosure and consult with employees in accordance with mechanisms under relevant industrial instruments.   Through consultation we take into account employees’ circumstances and needs, and all reasonable measures are taken to mitigate adverse effects of the changes on employees. 

Sierra Rutile strike actions

In late 2018, Sierra Rutile Limited (SRL) temporarily halted mining operations as a result of unlawful strike actions taken by a contingent of its operational workforce. Mining was halted to ensure the safety of SRL employees and the integrity of its assets. Management engaged with employees and the United Mineworkers’ Union officials to understand the rationale for the strike actions, as well as with ministers and senior officials of the Government of Sierra Leone to seek assistance in resolving the dispute.

Following meetings on 26 November between SRL, the union and government, operations recommenced on 30 November.

A government taskforce was appointed to investigate the strikes. It found the strikes were illegal and that SRL had taken appropriate measures to ensure the safety of its people and assets. Iluka continues to work closely with the Government of Sierra Leone, the union and the Sierra Leone workforce to achieve a stable operating environment.

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