We respect and encourage workplace diversity and aim to create a flexible and inclusive workplace environment which assists employees to balance their responsibilities. The Managing Director and Executive team promote awareness of diversity and inclusion and integrate those principles into company activities, including recruitment, training, talent management and employment policies.

Female representation in management*
Level Proportion of female (%)
Board 29
Executives/general managers(1) 40
Other management levels 14
Total Iluka Group (ex Sierra Rutile) 24
Total Sierra Rutil 8
Total Iluka Group 12

*as at 31 May 2018, per Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report

Australian targets

In 2014, measurable objectives were set and approved for gender and Indigenous diversity relating to Iluka’s Australian operations. Our target was to achieve 30 per cent female participation and 8 per cent Indigenous participation in the workforce by 31 December 2018. We fell short of achieving our target for female participation as shown in the table.

Positively, we have seen increased female representation in managerial, senior managerial and executive roles (through internal movements and promotions) as well as more females in operations roles (through a greater proportion of female new hires than proportion of terminations). These positive trends were, however, offset by a decrease in female representation in professional, technical and clerical roles. Some of this is attributed to increased overall employee numbers, driven through expansion activities, contributing to a lower overall diversity figure.

The number of Australian Indigenous employees increased slightly from 2017, with 6 per cent indigenous employees overall, below our target of 8 per cent. The majority of our Aboriginal employees are based at the J-A operation in South Australia. Our targeted recruitment activities for Cataby were also successful in achieving 8 per cent Aboriginal employment for the site. Partnership programs with the Clontarf Foundation and SHINE focus on creating employment pathways for Aboriginal youth and provide opportunities for Iluka to further increase Indigenous representation in the future.

In order to continue our focus on increasing diversity within our organisation, our People and Performance Committee approved continuation of targets at the same levels as the previous period (30 per cent gender and 8 per cent indigenous representation), again with a five-year timescale for achievement.

Diversity and Inclusion Work Plan

Sierra Rutile Local Employment

We strive to maximise local employment at Sierra Rutile, with 98% of our workforce being made up of Sierra Leoneans. Our commitment to employing locally is guided by the Sierra Rutile Local Content Policy and the Sierra Leone Local Content Agency Act (2016).

Wherever possible, we also seek to engage local companies and suppliers to support economic development in the region. This has included engaging local service providers for implementing coaching and development programmes as described in the Attracting, developing and retaining employees section.

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