Iluka prioritises employee development and invests in building capabilities and skills.

Learning and development opportunities enable our employees and contractors to build the appropriate skills, knowledge and behaviours to fulfil their positions safely and effectively. In 2018 we developed a new leadership framework to support the building of talent within our business. The framework creates a common language and our expectations on leadership at all levels within the business. We have developed a structured development approach with tools and resources to support leaders at all stages of their careers.

   Leadership development framework

To reinforce Iluka’s leadership framework, senior, middle and emerging level leadership programmes and a “Leadership Community” are being implemented in 2019. The Leadership Community will provide access to tools, resources and online training as a self-directed mechanism for leader development.
In addition, Iluka maintains pipeline and talent development programmes including:
  • sponsoring and/or employing apprenticeships and traineeships;
  • employing vacation students and graduates; and
  • providing technical and professional development opportunities.
Through regular talent management processes we identify high performing individuals and facilitate succession planning across all levels of the company. Succession planning and development plans are in place for leadership positions, including the Managing Director and his direct reports and key critical roles.

2018 saw the continuation of Mineral Sands Operations’ Operational Excellence Programme at Australian operational sites. The programme is designed to ensure the transition from low to high utilisation environments is well managed with a focus on safety, costs, throughput and quality.

Training initiatives for Sierra Rutile focused on building technical and leadership capabilities, including:

  • completion of a skills gap assessment for trades employees to identify training needs going forward;
  • implementation of operator training to support expansions planned for 2019;
  • implementation of a  leadership enhancement programme; and
  • delivery of cultural awareness training to members of the leadership team.
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