Iluka acknowledges mining, processing and separation processes area significant users of water.

Water is a precious shared resource and we have an important role in the sustainable management of water resources. This is of particular importance in water-stressed areas and in areas where we share water resources with the community. We strive to continually develop efficient and improved solutions for our water use such as the use of hyper saline water and recycled water in process plants. If we can recycle process water through the system there is a reduced need for water extraction and only minor losses due to evaporation and infiltration.

Recognising that water connects an operation to the surrounding landscape and communities, water management at Sierra Rutile is very important. During 2018, an integrated water balance was developed to improve water management at the Sierra Rutile operations. Due to high rainfall in the region, Sierra Rutile is able to use rainfall and natural inflows in historic ponded areas as its water resource without impacting on other water users.

2018 saw a significant increase in water use across our operations due to the return to full operations at J-A, doubling of production at Narngulu MSP, and the construction of Cataby mine.  

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