We support the transparent disclosure of our taxes, royalties and fees to government. We recognise this forms part of our economic contribution to the regions in which we operate.

Iluka has adopted the Australian Board of Taxation’s Voluntary Transparency Code, and integrated tax transparency reporting into the annual reporting suite. More recently, we published an Approach to Tax Statement – a public statement communicating the underlying principles of Iluka’s tax strategy and tax risk management framework. Iluka’s Approach to Tax will be subject to annual review by the Board and can be found on www.iluka.com.
In 2018 Iluka paid $56 million in income taxes, royalties and other payments to national, regional and local governments; and collected $44.4 million in respect of employee payroll taxes and withholding taxes on behalf of such governments.

The information provided in this report, together with data published in Iluka’s 2018 Annual Report, reflects the disclosure requirements under the Australian Voluntary Tax Transparency Code and the tax strategy requirements of the UK Finance Act 2016. Part A information (including commentary on Iluka’s Group and Australian effective tax rates) is reflected in Iluka’s Annual Report. Part B requirements are addressed in this report.
Approach to tax
Our Approach to Tax Statement sets out the guiding principles upon which Iluka’s tax risk management framework is based. It recognises that paying tax in accordance with our legal obligations plays an important part in building and maintaining trust in our communities, which is essential to sustainable operations.
The principles include:
  • managing our tax affairs in a responsible, efficient, transparent and sustainable manner;
  • fully complying with relevant tax laws, including paying taxes on time;
  • ensuring related party dealings reflect arm’s length principles in accordance with Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) guidelines; and
  • developing and maintaining relationships with tax policy developers and revenue authorities.
Task risk governance
International related party dealings
Tax contribution summary
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