Iluka recognises that open and meaningful engagement with stakeholders is integral to the development, operation, rehabilitation and relinquishment of its mining and processing facilities.

Iluka maintains a Stakeholder Relations Policy that is aligned with the Iluka Game Plan, and a Stakeholder Relations Standard that specifies requirements for all sites, projects and functions.

The policy and standard outline the company’s principles for engagement and ensure all business activities consider internal and external stakeholders. They are supported by procedures and guidelines to support sites in their stakeholder engagement activities.

The company works in partnership with its stakeholders, including landholders, communities, indigenous groups and government representatives, to add value to the regions in which it operates. All engagement activities are sought to be conducted in a transparent, collaborative and consistent manner. Stakeholder rights, values, beliefs and cultural heritage aspects are acknowledged, respected and included in the company’s decision making process in order to develop mutually beneficial relationships.

In recent years, Iluka has been recognised for the following stakeholder engagement activities;

  • South Australian Premier’s Award for Excellence in Supporting Communities in April 2015
  • South Australian Premier's Award for Environmental Excellence in May 2014
  • South Australian Premier's Award for Excellence in Social Inclusion in May 2013 

Iluka's contribution to the areas in which the company operates has also been featured in the South Australian Chamber of Minerals and Energy Spring 2015 publication. 

Please refer to Further Information for details on these activities.

Additional information relating to Iluka's stakeholder relations activities can be found in the 2014 Annual Report.

Further Information