Social performance

Iluka believes positive social performance is a critical component of the sustainability of Iluka’s activities.

The expanded global footprint of where Iluka is operating, exploring and developing resources requires the company to be proactive in identifying and addressing a broader range of social issues, risks and impacts.

In addition to meeting local regulations, all Iluka sites and projects must adhere to a suite of internal social performance requirements. These include:

  • the robust identification, management and monitoring of social impacts and risks;
  • responsive management of grievances;
  • meaningful engagement with stakeholders; and
  • where applicable, human rights impacts assessments, local employment and development plans and cultural heritage management plans are developed.

​Stakeholder engagement

Iluka maintains a Health, Safety, Environment and Community Policy that is aligned with the Iluka Game Plan, and a Social Performance Standard and Procedure that specifies stakeholder engagement requirements for all sites, projects and functions.

All sites and projects are required to maintain a Stakeholder Engagement Plan. These plans identify those individuals and organisations that may have an interest in, or be potentially impacted by the company’s operations. Specific groups, including vulnerable people, groups with collective or individual rights and any groups that may be disproportionally impacted are also identified, and engagement activities planned accordingly.

Grievance management

All Iluka sites and projects maintain a local grievance management mechanism, developed in accordance with Iluka’s Stakeholder Complaint Reporting and Resolution Procedure. Complaints are recorded, investigated and responded to, and those of a medium to high-level risk classification are reported through to the executive and Board as part of the monthly sustainability report.

If you would like to provide feedback or register a grievance, please contact

​Human rights

Iluka respects human rights, engages meaningfully with stakeholders and seeks to make a positive difference to the social and economic development of the areas in which it operates.

Given Iluka’s global activities, including the recent acquisition of Sierra Rutile and exploration and development activities in Sri Lanka, the company has adopted a proactive approach to human rights, in light of the UN Guiding Principles for Human Rights. 

Further information on Iluka’s social performance is available in the 2017 sustainability report.

Indigenous relations and cultural heritage

At sites where cultural heritage is identified, a Cultural Heritage Management Plan is prepared and maintained to meet regulatory requirements and to ensure the protection of the sites. Where indigenous people have rights over, or special connections to, the land where mining related activities are planned or located, specific engagement is undertaken.

Iluka is working toward a longer-term target for Australian operations of 8 percent indigenous employee participation by 2018. At the Jacinth-Ambrosia site in South Australia, Iluka has successfully exceeded its target of 20% for several years, reaching 26% in 2015 and 2016. 

Partnering and community investment

Iluka engages in a wide range of partnerships and contributes to a large number of community programs and events. Some of these programs are closely tied to business objectives – such as employee diversity, environmental excellence and local employment and procurement – while others are influenced by regional and local development priorities.

Further information on Iluka’s community partnerships is available in the 2017 sustainability report​.