Iluka is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and contractors.

Iluka’s health and safety approach focuses on leadership, capability, positive messaging, and creating a culture which promotes continual improvement. This is supported by group standards and programmes, implemented by site safety representatives, and facilitated by training, risk management, incident reporting and investigation, emergency and crisis preparedness, and process safety.

Regular communication about health and safety at all levels of the business is an integral part of the strategy. Health and safety performance is reviewed by the Iluka executive team and reported to the board on a monthly basis, with a more detailed analysis presented to the board annually. Safety meetings are held at a departmental level by safety representatives and employees, and between management and contractors, to identify improvement areas and ensure that concerns are identified and addressed. Safety visits are regularly performed at random to ensure operational activities are meeting standard requirements and to communicate any required improvements.

Iluka reports on its health and safety performance annually through the sustainability section in the Annual Report.