Iluka has operations and activities in a number of different locations, with each site presenting unique environmental challenges and opportunities.

Every Iluka location requires an individual environmental management approach. Iluka's mining and processing activities undertaken on a regional reserve in South Australia require different environmental management in comparison to its operations on farming and grazing properties in Victoria, Australia and Virginia, USA. Iluka's Western Australian operations face the challenge of proximity to populated areas.

Iluka’s approach to environmental management is underpinned by the company's environment, health and safety management system which guides the company in demonstrating leading practice in these areas through all business activities - from exploration, planning, research and project development, through to operation, closure and rehabilitation.

The environmental management standard published under the environment, health and safety management system guides the overarching company approach to managing environmental aspects. The individual environmental requirements of each site are considered and site specific procedures and work instructions are developed in compliance with the standard. Regular audits are undertaken to ensure compliance with the standard.

All environmental incidents are reported and investigated. To mitigate similar incidents, remedial and preventative actions identified in incident investigations are tracked through to completion.

Iluka provides annual updates on its environmental management activities via its Annual Report.

Additional information can also be viewed on Iluka's material environment aspects: water, energy, waste and land management and rehabilitation.

Iluka actively participates in environmental research and partnerships. Details on Iluka's research and partnerships can be found ​below in Further Information.

Further Information